Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

I don’t have to be Vegan anymore…

I don’t *have* to be Vegan anymore, But do I want to be?

It was so easy to pretend I was lactose intolerant and use that as an excuse. But I am not and can now eat all that stuff should I choose to.

I am so sick of changing diets all the time it is almost worth it to stay where I am. Also being vegan was much easier than I anticipated. I still have some of the problems that plague people who live with these restrictions in that it is hard to go shopping for food and furthermore I find it expensive. I am not sure one’s dietary habits should be based purely on what is economical though.

Also I do not have all the hangups about animal cruelty that most vegans do. I already am essentially vegetarian. Furthermore if I was to stay vegan for purity of body reasons, this doesn’t quite hold. While Veganness certainly holds to the Jewish ideals in this matter, Kashrut is not nearly as restrictive as all that even in its strictest sense. If I was Hindu…

I haven’t been having the cheese or meat cravings that I was having initially either.

So the problem rests that I have no compelling reason to stay vegan but no real reason to give it up either.

What do you think?