Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

I cut my thumb by picking up my Miter saw, WTF? The metal on the base is not supposed to be sharp!

Since I have been studying a lot recently, I have been listening to a lot of music. So much so that I got bored with my own ample collection.

Though I have known about Pandora for a while now, only in the past week have I started listening to it with any frequency. It is really great for those genres where there are a lot of artists who do a couple of songs each that are really good.

Thus the Doo-Wop ‘station’ is wonderful. As is the E-Rotic one I made, which more or less plays a lot of EDM. However, through Pandora and some side research, I have made two awesome discoveries:

  • `Dr. Octagonecologyst`_: This AWESOME pun is an album and stage name of Kool Keith. It apparently helped define Trip Hop. I am very tempted to buy this one. I think he is coming to Austin in a few months too.

  • `Elis Regina`_: Just when I was about to take it down, it looks like I have another name to add to the `”Dead Women I’d Bang”`_ list! This talented and gorgeous Brazilian singer from the ‘60s - ‘80s recorded a version of `”Aguas de Marco”`_ that is still hailed as the best selling Brazilian track of all time.

    It is so popular, in fact, that someone should do a Coverville of it. I have actually been a fan of “Aguas de Marco” for a while now without knowing it. I first heard it through the percussion group Uakti. “Aguas de Marco” is the first song of theirs on this sample stream. The acclaimed Elis Regina version is found below. It is hard to say which version I like more.

I still haven’t found a singer in Occitan to steal my heart. Suggestions?