Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

I am Dune making comparisons; thes ones I have made already have caused such arrakis.

The Israeli’s are secretly the Bene Gesserit.

There I said it.

Let’s look at the facts. This recent Palestinian civil war is an amazing feat of strategy in terms of the Sisterhood’s ghols. Think about it. The Israeli goal is, more or less, to survive as a state. Unfortunately, they are a country surrounded by countries that either don’t want them in the region (Iraq, Iran, Yemen, UAE, etc.), countries they have conquered and forced peace out of (Lebanon and Egypt), or Jordan who doesn’t want to be in the cross fire. Furthermore, internationally Israel has gotten a lot of flack for some of its practices in varied fields. yet they are still tolerated everywhere.

The only thing they aren’t doing is a forced breeding program.

It is optional. This Fatwa-Hamas conflict has the Bene Gesserit signature all over it. Israel is in ultimate control of the situation here. They could move in at any moment and declare martial law and stop the fighting, but that would be considered rude. It is possible that everything in the past, their whole degradation of their own reputation would just be to prove that they are fundamental more organized than their opponents. They have the Other Memories. If they didn’t plan this then they are certainly taking amazing advantage of the situation.

On another note, I am pretty sure Isaac Asimov founded Ix.

I once followed the Golden Path
To escape the Tyrant’s Wrath.
Then I gave it up later
To become a Guild Navigator
And now all I do is Math!
Mechanic: What seems to be the trouble?
Me: I think I got some sand in there. Can ya clean it out?
Mechanic: Well, let’s take a look under the Shai’hulud.