Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

How do Squids get to a land-locked country?

I have successfully made it to Switzerland and to the congress. The trip out here was naturally not without its hiccups. I was about as depressed as ever when I first got here. Here are the reasons for it that I can tell,

  1. The travel over here had us arrive in town before noon local time. I then had to stay up until around 8 pm to get onto a normal schedule. The 40+ hours of being awake does things to a man.
  2. No Gundam access for a whole week! Just the thought has had me in pangs. You know you are an addict when…
  3. Not to diminish what is going on back home in Texas, but the weather here has been awful. We got here on the first day of snow for this season. Another data point proving I might have SAD.
  4. The ethnic homogeneity of Switzerland.
  5. Short hair on women.
  6. My eyes are blue.

You may have noticed that Disgaea was not on the above list. This is because I have been fervently playing my PSP copy, which has sustained me through many afternoons of darkness.

Otherwise, the above reasons combine in interesting ways. Firstly, being extremely tired and stressed out triggered my ever-present stomach problems with always leaves me emotionally battered. Then on the train from Zurich to Interlaken, I started thinking…which is always a bad idea.

I noticed that on trains we were passing that the we were passing that the 90+% of the people fit into one of the four ethnic Swiss groups, which are all more or less white. Up to this point and afterward, whenever Erich and I would go anywhere we would try to speak in German. With Dr. Schneider, whose Deutsch is better than mine, others would reply in German. Even though I always started in German, they never failed to reply in English.

This got me thinking. Both of our families left the old country at about the same time. But Erich still looks Ethnically German (and thus ethnically Swiss for the part of Switzerland we are in). I do not. I no longer look like a native in part because my people were wiped out of this region 60 years ago. Sure the Swiss weren’t part of the Nazi regime, but they were just a smidge more than complacent in it. I don’t know if other people have ever had this experience, but I felt very uneasy for a while after I arrived. Not in a personal safety kind of way, but I felt this overwhelming rejection of just everything. I was ashamed I had ever even tried to learn German.

Shake and bake this with Gundam and you get more reasons why Char is my hero. Would you have joined the Axis military force in order to get close to Hitler and kill him? Probably.

On another note, short hair on women is still classy in Europe. None of them are making any kind of statement and they can’t *all* be dykes. Of die Frauen at the conference, I have only seen one woman with hair below shoulder length. Only 40% have hair at or near shoulder length and all the rest are even closer trimmed. Normally, one would think that this would please me. Instead it made me question why I wasn’t living here (see above) and the ghola ratio is too high. Not that I wouldn’t tap 25% of them in a second. But I haven’t. Yet.

All of this has gotten me shook up enough for my eyes to have transmigrated to blue. And for them to stay there. I tried to take a picture, but shining a light in my eyes threw off the color balance and they ended up looking green-gray in the picture anyways.

High Holy Days are coming up. And you know what that means.