Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Hey Ho, Let’s Go

Sorry to Ramone this place, but it really blows here.

I was at the YMCA the other day and while I was leaving this odd fellow shambled into the locker room.

It turns out he is an Artist and his medium is old telephone wire. He had a slurred speech pattern with many stop gaps in inappropriate places. He claims to have done an American flag and a baseball cap that made it into the Smithsonian.

So there was this older, crazy man talking to me. He told me all about life and how precious every day was. I am pretty sure he blessed me with some heathen ritual. I smiled and nodded.

I then found out he had brain cancer and had just passed the five year mark from when it was removed.

Soundly put in my place I reevaluated my stance of this place as Hell; maybe it is simply a Purgatory where people wait to die? It is still Hell.

I also just saw my first two Punks in this place. They were walking out as I was walking in. The male looked like my former roommate Josh only taller, stronger, and with an actual Mohawk. The female had bright orange short hair and was earing some sort of black, badass shirt. She was wearing an incongruous white skirt and flip-flops though.

They were the most attractive couple I have seen here. I had to keep myself from staring as I knew it would be misinterpreted.

Probably the closest I’ll ever come to a live SLC Punk except that is where I lay my head tonight!

Out of Idaho! Woohoo!

“A mountain is something you don’t want to Fuck with!”

6.1 miles…what bullshit.