Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Heading Out

I am super grumbley over this PhD proposal. SOOO Hellooo, LiveJournal!

I meet with my adviser again on Tuesday. Coincidentally, this is when a series of Mobile Suits will save me. Mostly I was really looking forward last week to not having to write a lick in this week. But no. Because of suckage and revisions I will have to spend another half of a week writing.

But even more than that, I want to be anywhere but here. It has rained on my day off for the past two weeks. And of course the rest of the week it is sunny and amazing. LAME. I could say that I don’ know why Austin became so negative and other places so positive, but that would be a lie. Do you want to hear a poor, sad lie?

Then moon is made of cheese and I don’t know why Austin became so negative!

Still, there remains hope. I think that when I come back from the summer the situation will be a lot better. Moreover, I fucking get to leave for the summer! I am sorely tempted to start this a month early and just leave now. I don’t even have anywhere to go. Great! Even better. I have a tent. And a bear barrel. Bring it. As cool as you are Austin, you are city filled with people, who are sometimes lame.

Maybe I am altogether to sensitive to my surroundings. That would explain a lot. It explains why I need positive individuals. Barring that, the cold comfort of strangers is superior to any sort of negativity. But even better than that is no one at all.

So meanwhile, in the intervening month, my bike is muddy and I am only sated by mid-nineties slash. But tomorrow, or tomorrow tomorrow, or tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow, I will be gone, fighting for peace. Get well while I am away.

I know this is exactly the kind of post you hate.