Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Happy New Year!

I saw this young woman tonight at services who broke my heart of Plexiglas just by looking at her.

She was perfect save that she would never go with me were I the last girl on Earth, I think.

Also sort of along this note, it is a bad Idea to go to the Airport when one has not taken some time out for oneself recently. With respect to me, this is about 36 hrs. The throughput of bodies in Airports is huge and I always seem to find a good number of people I can imagine in various positions and places for various lengths of time with a various degree of emotional attachment with a various length of rope at my disposal.

I met a man on the street today who was playing both the Kazoo and the Ukulele. I gave this man a dollar.

The other and final thing of note today was that I got to talk to Sean. The following is an excerpt as related to the Super-Secret Project (SSP):

Me: So I bought one of those robot kits that you bought Julian for his Bar Mitzvah.
Sean: Oh really? Cool. How far are you? What can it do?
Me: Well I got to a certain point but….I am working on a rather involved subproject that isn’t in the book.
Sean: Of Course you are!

After SSP is complete I am thinking about trying my hand at writing fiction. I wonder if I am any good at it. Maybe I could write a story about a brave Nuclear Engineer who stands up to the world and destroys Idaho. The clincher is that it would be written as a retelling of Gilgamesh.

I’m a Fuckin’ Artist.
—Not John Lennon
—Actually John Lennon Parody, Nat’l Lampoons