Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Grad School Toughness

Sarah in my limited contact with her has done the same. “I would love to hang out”, but she’s always busy. Here is the confusing thing, if she didn’t want to, she just wouldn’t respond to my emails right? But she does respond, but we still don’t do anything, Gaaah. I have decided to wait a week before re-attempting contact. I contacted her 3 times last week and we only did the one thing. Is a week enough? Oh well, I am busy myself right now because of….

Grad School! First Texas really wants me. Then, they say they are concerned about how my grades took a dip Junior year (They did NOT read my personal Statement wherein all of this was explained.) Which is essentially saying the same thing as we don’t want you (to my emotional state at least). But in the same breath as “concerned about my grades” they also invited me out to texas to tour the place. WTF. I think this trip to Austin will essentially make or break my grad school oppertuinity next year. Which really means that this is an interview from which I cannot go home and cry. I think I will just have to tell them straight up why my grades fell and then explain that those problems will go away if I move 2000 miles from home, and then hope they have mercy on my carrer as a scientist.

Mixed Signals, Man. Life is really weird.