Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Go it sews

As it turns out my cousins, predictions about August were more or less spot on. But not for the reasons he mentioned. I am oddly glad that my favourite month is now over. Yet here we are again at September, my old nemesis.

I really have nothing positive to post. Things suck at school. Things suck at work. Things suck at home. of course, all of this serves to worsen my stomach (and then I made the mistake of eating a box of my comfort food).

Knowing my penchant for anti-emo posting, you may be asking why I am even writing this. Well, because I have something to communicate to you. Yes, you.

I am avoiding everyone right now. And yes this does include you, my dear. I have been trying to for the past week or so. I expect that it will last *at least* another week for me to sort out my own business. So don’t take it personally.

In explanation of past behaviour Josh was only in town for the week before returning to Idaho. So I made an exception and did not avoid him too, in order to avoid real and true ass-hood. Also, I am not avoiding Michael as this is logistically ridiculous. But, I will try to avoid his guests.

I hope this clarifies some of my recent behaviour.