Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Fun Day, Previous Weekend, eh.

So If you couldn’t tell, I was rather disgruntled on Friday. Only after my last post did I admit to myself that I was actually sick. My inner ear had been all messed up and I was inflamed underneath my jaw. I basiclly went home as soon as I could and passe dout for four hours. I took yesterday off and just played WoW all day. I know, pitiful. I was about to go out many time but I was really calling that one in. Conseqeuntlly, I felt much better today.

Today however, I have just returned from my 12 hour extravaganda into the world. First I went to Costco and bought some shelving so I can finally stop living out of boxes for once in my life. Tomorrow I get to unpack, Yeah!! It is the little things ya know. Then I went to Thor’s Hammer. If you are having trouble, this is one of the local gaming store. There is an open to the public D&D game here. We ran through the first part of converted 2nd Ed mod. Very fun. Afterwords, Je (pronounced Jay)(from the game) and I went to a pub downtown to watch a free showing of “V for Vendetta”. Suprisingly poingent. I must say I really liked it a whole lot. I almost feel bad for saying this beacsue it was such a philisophical film (Aesthetics is Philosophy, Ha!) but Natalie Portman with no hair is Hot. Hott I daresay. Hawt! Ok enough of that. A lot of interesting moral dilemas with no right answers and a ton of char. development. The Wisochi Bros. may be redeemed yet. It also was funny that the main villan looked a lot like Syd’s dad. Je and I spent the next couple hours walking around downtow. Had a couple beers. Good times. I didnot intend on being out all night but hey, who can deny a fun time.