Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

from random import thoughts

for i in range(5):
    print i, “—”, thoughts()

0 — Last Saturday I was up in Three Rivers (3R) with everyone. That morning I needed some supplies so I went out to Village Market. I needed some Pop Tarts for breakfast. They also amazingly had butterscotch schnapps, so I picked some up. (I knew people had brought Baileys and/or Emmets; Buttery Nipples were “emme”-nant.) Then, my stomach was feeling bad so I got some Mylanta. Right above the Mylanta were the condoms. Thinking it would be funny I picked these up too. Hence, I walked up to the counter laid down my Pop Tarts, my booze, my Mylanta, and my condoms, shrugged, smiled, and said “It is just one of those days ^_~.”

1 — So I have had these weird growths on my hands for a while now. I self-diagnosed them as common warts. But I tried freezing them off multiple times. When this didn’t work, I thought they weren’t. Thus I went to the dermatologist the other day. *She gave me a yeast infection.* No joke! She actually injected the aforementioned areas with yeast infection protein. It turns out they are warts. The yeast infection protein tricks your body into attacking the area. While there, your immune system finds the warts and then tries to destroy them too. Very sneaky. *She gave me a yeast infection Three (3) TIMES!*

2 — I am watching this TV series that I am renting the discs from Netflix. I finished disc 5 and because of some haranguing I had all of my discs in at once. But for whatever reason, they decided to send me disc 6 from Butte, MO. However, they sent me discs 7 & 8 from like 60 miles away. Now they all left the same day which means I am sitting here debating whether to skip a disc or not. But this all begs the question, “WHY DOES NETFLIX HAVE A DISTRIBUTION CENTER IN BUTTE, MO?” Nothing is close to Butte but Butte. This can’t be economical….

3 — It was Sicily, 1922: Estelle Getty died. Good Night, Sweet Prince(ss?)

4 — I like getting in discussions on LJ.  Some people named Kerry are feeling compelled to comment and are =).  Some people named Kerry are feeling compelled to comment and aren’t =(.  Some people named Kari aren’t even reading =.  In conclusion, teletubbies.