Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

French Alliance

So yesterdayevening I dragged myself to this movie called “The Visitors” being shown by the French Alliance. The movie was really funny. It is about an 11th (although the costumes were more 14th) century Knight and his squire who want to go back in time to correct a wrong the night did by shooting this barron in the head with a crossbow (he was drugged by a witch). Instead, of course, they end up in the 20th century. Very Star Trek.

However, due to some malfunction they couldn’t get the subtitles to work. But I stayed anyways and watched the whole film. It is amazing how much information you can still get out of a film even though you can only catch one out of every 20 words and that is “Mossiuer”.

In any event, you should try it sometime…or see that movie. Either works