Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Found in Space

Whew! Made it back to Austin…Finally! The last leg of this trip was really rough.

If going back to California is like putting on an old shoe, than coming back to Texas is like putting on an old boot. Considerably more difficult but nostalgic and worth it all the same. Time to start my own life again, right? Like totally, Y’all!

So onto my own life….

I have my qualifying exams on Monday. Oops! Combo break that with all of the unpacking and re-‘rangin’ I have to do around the house and I more or less will be ignoring everyone until after I take them. Wish me luck!

It is probably bad that my only compulsions right now are to unpack, ogle my prints of Colleen Moore, and interface with things of Gundam nature, huh?