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Forgotten Film Friday #9

Lately, I have been doing a lot of work on my server. I am web 2.0-ing the hell out of my website. Additionally, I have this cool setup that lets me remotely mount a directory as a drive (in Windows) and as a directory on my local system (GNU/Linux). This solves my age old problem of wanting shared space between Windows and Linux. Now, I just put it on my shared space on my server and no matter what OS or computer I am on, I can access it! Super cool, huh?

Whatevs, youz guyz. I am totally stoked.

`Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (1991)`_: In my quest to watch all of the Gundams, I skipped right over the Super Deformed series and went straight to this one. I am ignoring the fact that SD Gundam ever existed.

F91 is set about 30 years later than the conclusion of Char-Amuro plot epic win thread. However, it was intended in production to a full 52 episode series. The fact that they squashed it into two hours blows. Not that it was bad, but just that they left in all of the predictable parts of the story and and cut out all of the what would have been different parts.

That being said, the initial conditions were very far off from the norm. The intro was a normal battle sequence. However, the moment that you catch a media broadcast that informs you that the perpetrators of the attack were flying a “Crossbones Vanguard” I was hooked. That is right, we had space pirates! And no Zeon! And a girl as the protagonist!

Unfortunately the Pirates turned out to have nobility and were destroying some colonies and taking over others to meet their goal of establishing a civilization free of the earth sphere. And they were willing to use WMDs to destory 90% of humanity to reach this goal. Jeeze! These guys are really bad at being Not-Zeon.

`Quantum of Solace (2008)`_:I know, I know. This movie is hardly forgotten. But I want to review it anyway.

The overwhelming opinion given to me about this movie was apathy. But I really liked it. The recent Bond films have been progressively breaking most of the standard Bond tropes, and I really like it. We’ve seen 007 be tortured, fail, and even the Bond-girl trope be subverted in this film. “Quantum of Solace” does this in two ways:

1) Bond himself doesn’t save the `Bond-girl`_: Well, ok. So he does save her from a burning building. But her whole deal is a vendetta against the man who killed and raped her family. And she succeeds. The most James does for her in this is wish her good luck! This is such a huge role reversal for the standard issue vacuum headed Bond-girl. I was shocked. And I applauded.

2) Bond has trouble with a `Bond-girl <>`__: In fact, he gets her killed. Wait what? Bond’s extreme seduction is dangerous? That is new. Really New; really cool when you think of it. All more the pity since she was the only redhead in the film and (I kid you not) her character name was literally “Strawberry Fields”, though she goes only by “Fields” in the movie.

And while we are talking about Dead Ms. Fields, we should also talk about the actress Gemma Arterton. In case you didn’t know, she was born with six (6) fingers on each hand and a misshapen ear!

Six fingers, Each! C’mon and tell me that isn’t sexy?! In Hindustan they might have worshipped her. It is so unique. But then to go on to become a Bond girl, that is just unheard of. Amazing really. This girl is hot stuff all around.

If only I could find myself an equally gorgeous “Penny Lane”, I think I’d be set.