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Forgotten Film Friday #7

So both Super Secret Project (SSP) and Super Secret Project: Two (SSP2)have made large advances in the past week or so. While SSP is leaking out, I think only 4 or 5 people actually know what SSP2 is. Sadly they makametired =/. But onto the Reviews!

`eXistenZ (1999)`_: Jeeze, these movies are just getting closer and closer to now-time. I really liked this film. Half for its head tripping/world switching wonder and half for Jude Law. Some of the scenes were quite grotesque, but I liked the movie all the same. I thought the film was similar in structure to “Jacob’s Ladder” from a few weeks ago, but others disagreed. In a lot of ways though, it reminded me of“13th Floor”.

***zOMG Spoilers**

There is really only one interesting (ie at the end of the film relevant) thing to talk about: Are they still in the game at the end of the movie? Unlike most films that fit into this head trope (where the answer is a definitive, inescapable ‘Yes’) I am inclined to say that they are no longer in the game as the film ends. The real difference being that the game, no matter what level it was being played on, always used the same props and had certain speech patterns and cues that would draw you out and tell you it wasn’t real. However these were all gone on that “Top-Level”.

The big give away for me is the guns. They go from bone gun technology to real guns. It isn’t surprising that the game took the spin it did given who our players were and that the game is likely designed to project and incorporate the subconscious of the players.

The evidence against this is that everyone who saw them shoot the game designers afterward just stared. But even here, I don’t think this is too far off from reality.

I Nom’d.