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Forgotten Film Friday #6

Oh Candida! My home and native yeast infection! I just got four (4) more injections. Hopefully this will kill of the last of my warts. I would be most pleased. Other than that, my body is hatin’ on me in new and interesting ways. My stomach has been upset since the stupid elections, but for the past day my ear has had some ridiculous ringing that won’t go away. Hrmmm…

Onto the movie!

`Char’s Counter-Attack (1988)`_: The definitive end to the first main Gundam continuity, this edition was beautifully animated. As the name implies, it followed my second favorite character in the entire Gundam Universe: Char Aznable. Much like the first series (MSG), Char is portrayed as pure evil throughout much of the story. Only towards the end is it relieved that Char isn’t trying to destroy Earth per-say by ramming a giant asteroid into it. He’s just trying to usher in the next ice age, which will force humanity to fully migrate to space, and thus give the planet time to heal from all of the pollution and damage we have done to it. The eco-terrorist in me was fighting my inner paladin the whole time. Eco-terrorist wins. Faith in Char restored.

You can guess what “Kill ‘Em All” Tomino does to both Char and Amuro by the end. I was kinda glad. They both had survived for far too long.

Speculations on Mr Tomino’s relationship problems and his No-Character-Left-Standing nature abound. But I recently noticed something beyond near every relationship failing, often times tragically. Nearly all of the male newtypes end up on the “good-guys” side while most of the female ones end up or are manufactured on the “bad-guys” side. Furthermore, if it comes down to a male vs female newtype battle, the women almost always die instead of the men (there are notable exceptions). Maybe Tomino just hates on the ladies.

All in all, it was a very good movie. Some interesting stuff with people training to be newtypes through spiritual awakening and via enhancement surgery. Though I did struggle through all of the Char bashing. And really I was just missing Sayla. Though Murai’s appearances were very very cool. Both Salya and Murai are sort of broken characters. If they had been around Char would have failed miserably. And Bright didn’t even attempt to sleep with anyone other than Murai…tsk tsk. However he did slap his OWN SON! Hawt damn!