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Forgotten Film Friday #5

Yeah, I totally missed a week…and this weeks film was with a bunch of other people on Saturday. More broken things have happened.

`Jacob’s Ladder (1990)`_: In honor of Halloween, we watched a film that wasn’t so old, but no less forgotten. We had the opportunity to also watch Tetsuo: The Iron Man from a year before, but some people were too silly drunk and some people were too sleepy and and some peoples spoon’s were too big.

The movie itself, was pretty triptastic. It basically followed a three parallel stories (OMG HeavenHellPurgatory!!1!). But the weaving was done very well. There were many cries of “Silent Hill!” throughout. Even though part of the story took place in Vietnam, this was more or less a plot device and not sufficient commentary to be meaningful. About the only moral lesson you could squeeze out of the Vietnam parts was that Chemists are terrible people, but we knew that already. And they knew that then. It is/was not news. Though I do know good chemists too. The twist on this theme was that Chemists are worse people when they are Hippies.

And the chick named Jezzie (Jezy?) was hot. Because how could she not be? And not just because we saw her boobs. In that 30 seconds she was on screen before she jumped into the shower with our fantastically-out-of-his-mind hero, I thought she was cute. Even if people mispronouncing her name sounded like penis. I swear, is *nothing* sacred to you people? The next time you all come over and I make drinks, you are all getting Penis Coladas.