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Forgotten Film Friday #4

`This site`_ is totally awesome! I am sitting at 133, beat that! I am a lone seven off from being completely leet.

But it is kind of a misnomer this week, since I was otherwise occupied Friday night so I wanted my film on Saturday. But you won’t tell..

`Nights of Caribia (1957)`_: Damn it, I am in love with other dead woman! The lead actress Giulietta Masina I don’t have words to describe. Suffice to say she was good enough for Fellini to marry (and stay with). Masina was also the star of another amazing Fellini flick, La Strada, that I saw a few years back. She really is a spectacular actress.

If you have never seen a Fellini film, they are intense and emotionally draining. This was certainly amplified by my schoolgirl crush on Masina, if not the character of Caribiria. I actually had to pause the movie a couple of times and go watch Michael play Lego Star Wars because I was so caught up in it. I loved every minute of the movie.

This film is more of a character portrait than a story, as neo-realism is apt to be. There really is a lot to talk about here (why magicians “succeed” where the Holy Mother fails, Italian post-war slums, self-referential movies and film makers), but why bore you with all of that when I can just talk about how gorgeous Masina is?!

So I’ll compromise. Masina herself, “Nights of Cabiria”, and “La Strada” all combine in a very interesting way. The character of Luisa/Anouk Aimee in 8 1/2 is the wife of the in-story director. Fellini has been accused of being self indulgent in “8 1/2” since the the in-story director is easily associated with Fellini himself. (The most famous of these accusations is, of course, in Annie Hall.) But if Fellini is the director then Masina is represented by Luisa. This film is then far from self-indulgent. After talking about the really serious, and frankly sad, issues in his films with Masina, why shouldn’t Fellini be allowed to start another film with dream sequence and end it with a Ferris wheel? Isn’t he then talking about where such depressing movies actually come from rather than just making them (a theme I would argue he continues with Clowns). And “8 1/2” itself is no cake walk…

But even when I saw “8 1/2” originally, I thought Luisa was hot. Who knew that it was actually a crush on Giulietta Masina? I actually tried to use Lusia as a pet name once but this got shot down pretty quick. However it was meant with all love and respect (Dil saywhat?!). I think I even have an email somewhere talking about how cute I thought the girl in “La Strada” was (ie Masina).

The way this movie ended blew my mind though. But you will just have to see it for yourself.

*EDIT: In response to myself in this post, I now have a “Dead Women I’d Bang”. As the list grows, so too does my shame ^_~.*