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Forgotten Film Friday #3

Before we get to the meat of this post, here is an **Awesome Oblivion patch that let’s you catch and use NPCs in Pokeballs.**

Ok Now for the real deal:

`Copacabana (1947)`_: I am not entirely sure that this movie constitutes as “forgotten”, but it is hilarious. The team-up between Groucho Marx and Carmen “Shut-My-Mouse” Miranda is wonderfully awkward. They both have very developed humor styles that are very different from one another, EXCEPT that neither one is willing to play the straight-person. It is a true clash of these titanic personalities. However, the film was smart enough to give them each ample time on screen with out the other one around. Even though it clearly had shortcomings in other ways.

Just about every word that came out of Groucho’s mouth I was laughing at. And his song, “Go West, Young Man” (or somesuch), I was on the floor for. It made absolutely no sense…and was spectacular. However, I still got the feeling that someone was holding him back on his racier jokes. The one that did stick with me though was, “How can you think I don’t want to marry you? We’ve been engaged 10 years!”

Carmen was around in all of her usual camp, and more or less playing herself. At one point she has to prove her identity by making out with a man who in real life is probably a faygale. So, you know, even then it came full circle.

All in all a very funny ‘40s movie. Truly something for everyone, since there probably exists a camp-pun axis on which most people lie. That is to say that one likely either prefers camp or puns and dislikes the other in the inverse proportion. Rare is the soul who likes both (and if you are reading this and do, you have a standing offer for a date). But “Copacabana” does such a good job of balancing these elements, it would be hard for someone to say that they didn’t at least truly enjoy some parts.

In other news, my latest batch of Gundam DVDs has now shipped. This week hopefully! And I thought it was a scam…