Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

For Keeps

I am worried I have become too normal. I feel the urge to burn all of my clothes, dye my hair and generally start over.

Being different is by no means always a choice, nor is it always a good thing. But I feel as if things that made me different in the past were just signs that I am developmentally slow. I never had the compulsion to say “go to outer space”, or “live in another time period” that so many people did as kids. Why did these both hit me in the last week? Shouldn’t I be over them by now? Fuck, I don’t even remember most of my childhood.

I wanted so much to be an adult, but now that it is here…It is like life is one big groovy orgy and I recycled the invitation and told them to stop wasting so much paper.

I clearly need to raise my freak flag higher, but how? Everything now has a context, and subtext[1]. Even people that don’t like to be labeled are typified by “Doesn’t Like to Be Labeled.” It is a logical trap. Doing anything is probably doing the wrong thing, and doing nothing is falling into that trap.

‘Round on the ouroboros we go. How many sand worms will get to eat me, Lady Jessica, Duncan Idaho?
1) Not that such things didn’t have associated contexts before, I simply failed to realize them. Ostensibly because I am a slow.