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[Flipside: 6] Back End

Hello All, I have made it safe and sound to Santa Barbara/Santa Ynez! I know I promised not to write anymore about Flipside, but there are a couple of quick things that need addressing and then I may make a post about Religion later. Stay tuned.


Thanks to everyone who made it to my Flipside Retox Party! It was a very relaxed and pleasant experience. It was probably a good thing that we didn’t go downtown.

If you couldn’t make it out, then next year. And maybe I won’t host it on a Thursday nor run out of Vodka.


In addition to my lame Flipside pictures, I want to give a big shout out to ! He has posted some of his Flipside pictures.

And since this is my personal blog, here are some of my favorite pictures that he took of me. We’ll start with one of the Acrobatic Yoga / Pirate Outfit ones.


And then we’ll move on to the Valkyrie playing with spin sticks. (Now on Facebook!)


But really, Flipside is a matching Hat and Sarong affair.