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[Flipside: 4] Sparka de Misfit

NOTE: This is an exploratory post that I am trying to rush out quickly. I am trying to make it very clear what is happening in my head. I welcome your input and comments.

CONFLICT: I am in love with two camps and I don’t quite know what to do for next year.

Naturally, Sparkadelica is an amazing group of people and I am honored to be even peripherally part of their organization this time out. Next year, I have been invited to join full on.

As a founding member of the Misfits, I am stunned at how well known we were and what we managed to pull together inside a week. Next year could surely be even better.

Hmmm what to do? I have a year to figure this out…

ARGUMENTS FOR SPARKADELICA, AGAINST MISFITS: Basically, the Sparks are an awesome set with a lot of love and some superb group art projects that I would have an absolute blast participating in. The mutant vehicle, balloon temple and sign are all great works that I would enjoy adding my piece to.

Additionally, joining would allow me to sleep up on the Playa and eat the Spakadelica food and generally be more coordinated with this fantastic set of people.

The Misfits, as the name implies, could (though it is unlikely) be significantly less coordinated. Especially when it comes to communal meals (which I am frankly not big on).


Aside from Yurts, I *really* jive with the idea of giving a home to the homeless. I did not join Sparkadelica because I did not meet the requirements in time. I fully understand and agree with why Ant made the decisions about Spark exclusivity that he did. I respect him for sticking to these rules and being very upfront about them. However, the Misfits are / should be on the opposite of the spectrum with regards to this. If someone doesn’t have a camp, or for whatever reason can’t join the camp they want, they should have a place to go. As long as they aren’t an asshole. Radical Inclusion.

The Misfits were there for me in my time of need, I strongly feel like I should help pass this new tradition down.

The Misfits were also a wonderful, spectacular group of people. We were also more evenly spread out. The only age group not represented by us this time were children. And that was probably for the best.

Also, I would not have to sleep up on the Playa if I wasn’t with Sparkedleica. I am sorry, but those generators bothered me a lot. There was a guy, Stray from Ish, who camped out alone near us, far from his camp. When he went to try to sleep, he wanted to actually sleep.

Also, I overheard someone in Sparkadelica say that they might be getting to large and may try to limit growth. But that could just be hearsay. And Sparkadelica would benefit since their overflow could come down and join us, no questions asked!

CURRENT RESOLUTION: Obviously, there is still a lot of time to try to figure it this out and many things may change. Who knows?

But what I think I am going to try to do at this point is join both camps. I’ll pay dues, attend meetings, help with set-up and tear down for everyone.

At the end of the day, I would probably put my tent down with Misfits (so I could sleep). And this sneaky plan is dependent on both camp leads being copacetic with the idea. However, I feel like it would be a cruel joke to make me choose between two fucking sweet groups of people. The whole idea is that you should do what ever has a positive impact. Participating formally with both sets would net me the most.

Such is the problem with having a truly awesome first Flipside experience…

Please, Please, Please, no one take this the wrong way. Ideas?