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[Flipside: 1] Awesome

Let me make this absolutely clear right now: I had an absolutely wonderful, positively positive Burning Flipside experience. No holes barred! (Though that doesn’t mean they got filled…)

Luckily, I wrote notes every night before going to bed about what had happened that day. The following is a very brief summary. Think of this as a bullet point list that sets the stage for future posts.



Drove out to near Pedernales with my top down and the car full of camping gear. Once at Flipside, I was greeted with the token lovely “Welcome Home.” While I was surveying the area, Ratha and Tom drove up. We zoned our camp site. While setting up my tent, I helped them set up Ratha’s fan-fucking-tasty Yurt [shown above]. After the shade structure was up, Misfits Camp was born!

After lunch I put on a pirate costume and raided Sparkedelica, where most of the other people I knew coming in were camped. Once there, I took off the ridiculously hot leather jerkin and was wandering around in my flow-ey pants. A 72 yro man named Douglas (Burn name: Eternity) wandered into the Sparkadelica lounge in the heat of the day. He and I ended up doing Acrobatic Yoga [shown below].


Went and had dinner with the Misfits. From the heat and not having eaten a lot that day, I managed to get drunk on two glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon at 8:30 in the evening. Yikes! I walked Ratha partially to her volunteer greeter shift. Saw Leigh and Sunshine on the way and they led me to Sparkadelica. Once there, I announced, “Hello Sparkadelica, I’m Drunk!”

I spent the next couple of hours dancing off my buzz in the laser show in the Sparkadelica lounge. Completely sober, Georgia-based Lauren and Rowan and I went down to look at the creek at night. I heckled people the whole way. Hilarious.

Wandered around after that and noticed how much awesome sound there was everywhere. Went to sleep.


Tom and Rathta and I spend the better part of the morning hanging out at the Temple of the Steaming Pot. Yeah for free coffee! Also, Obik had some amazing home-made sarsaparilla.

Nakia and Jason (Nakia’s friend from Madison) show up. Jason is as cool as Nakia talked him up to be.

I bounce around a lot today. I spend the majority of the afternoon dressed as a Valkyrie learning to spin poi, Awesome.

It was my night to cook so I made my car camping favourite: Build-Your-Own-Burritos. I forgot one thing the entire trip, and thus our burritos had no Cholula. Damn.

I eat more at dinner this night and don’t get drunk. I bounce around a lot at night too. At one point I meet up with the Sparks at the camp Ish. I give Jayme a piggy back ride out.

Nakia and Jason and I spend hours talking outside of the Misfits camp. I go to sleep at like 3 am.


Today is Martin’s (a Misfit) birthday

Assume the Position: I am a good sport and get my tushy paddled at Slap That Ass Camp.

Jason, Tom, and I get coffee in the morning again. I hang around Misfits until after lunch and they are about to start their pick-up D&D 4th Ed. game.

I hang up my hammock and let Jayme chill on it and we have a really great conversation.

I wander around and go down to the creek. There I see a bunch of Sparks in what amounts to a hippie soup and decide not to swim. I catch Ian from KFLIP, the Flipside Radio station. We decide to leave the creek area right before the flash flood!

I help KFLIP hold down some of their shade structures during the storm. Then I rush over to Sparkedelica to help them secure the lounge against the rain. After the lounge is mostly safe, I head out into the storm in nothing but my breezy pants.

Wet and cold, I make my way back to the driest place in Flipside: Ratha’s Yurt! There a bunch of us take humid shelter and play a game of Munchkin which Ratha wins [shown below]. We then play the most tense game of “Last Night on Earth” with Gallows and Penitent John.


The night is very clear and I am very sober. I spend the evening with Ratha, Tom, and Jason and we see a rad Tesla coil music performance. This was also my first climb up the effigy.


I help Ratha and Tom pack up and leave. I hang out with Jason and Nakia most of the day and night.

During the day, we go over to Glam Camp and pick out clothes for later.

It rains briefly. I weather it in the hunkered down Sparkedelica lounge. Afterwards, I help them reassemble for the night’s festivities.

I have dinner with the Misfits + Nakia. Conversation flows naturally. I go to the bathroom and return to find that all of my camp mates deserted in the 10 minutes I was gone. I eventually find some of them.

Assume the Position: I am a good sport and get my tushy paddled at Slap That Ass Camp. I get a piece of watermelon for my efforts.

Due to a burn-ban, the effigy was not burned. However, something cooler happened. They did a spin show in front of it, lit off 500 pounds of fireworks within 20 feet of me, and then I got to help pull the effigy down! Coolest thing ever!

I wander around with Nakia and Jason but loose them at Ish when I start talking with someone and then fall asleep on their sweet, sound-activated, bench chair things. I find them again later at the Temple of the Steaming Pot.

We wander up to Sparkedelica and then I go back to Misfits and fall asleep.


Wake up, Pack up, and get outta there.

Rudely shocked back to reality when a rude man in a Porsche yells at me for walking too slowly in the cross walk on my way to Wheatsville. I give him a tiny piece of my mind. Austin is a really great city to live in, but it is still a city.