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[Flipside: 0] I’ll Catch You On The…

Hello World!

Just got back from my very first Burning Flipside. Good golly, Ms Molly! There was so much pretty, shiny, awesome, tasty, lovely, that once again I can’t cover it all in a single post. Or even in a couple of posts. Or even bother to write them all in a single day. Some of this stuff needs to sit and gel for a couple of days.

So I am going to do what I did for Pallas. There will be a series of forthcoming Flipside posts each based around a central theme. I will definitely start with a ‘summary of events’ post, to set the stage. Certain posts may be locked based on the sensitivity of the material, so no worries. I shall give myself until Thursday to pop all of these out. After that, travel happens and I will be distracted.

Re-culturing myself to Civilization is significantly more difficult than the other way around. WHY ISN’T EVERYONE NAKED?

EDIT: My minute picture collection may be found here.