Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Faith is always greener

Melody and Robin and I got into religious discussion where I think Melody and I were both playing a very weak Devil’s advocate half of the time.

More or less, what I don’t understand is why people (hard atheists, etc) bag on Religion (as a concept) because specific religions in specific times do harm and negatively influence people, where on the other hand they give Science and/or Law and/or Medicine and other “rational” pursuits of thought.

The so-called logical studies have been and will continue to be just as much if not vastly more so tool of discrimination and hate and racism as Religion ever has. I could sum this point in one word: Nazis. But really there is so much more to the subjects of Nuclear, Chemical, Biological, Mechanical Weapons, Jim Crow Laws, and Medical abuse and malpractice that it isn’t worth filling up this space entirely. Oh and then there is that whole military industrial complex thing that we invented, whose express purpose is of death and yet produced almost every innovation in our kitchen today.

My basic point is that I think Religion is unjustly bashed. Not that it doesn’t sometimes deserve it. But it isn’t as if the Pope speaks for all faiths everywhere.

But on another level I get that some (few?) people have had their lives negatively impacted by people whose minds have turned to hate and who use their faith as a justification. This is especially painful with family members. Which is what I am guessing leads some to denounce All Religions as hateful and irrational.

But still I struggle. Isn’t it the people that are being hateful and irrational? And isn’t Science and Logic, which are trumped for their superiority, used hatefully just as or more often on a gross scale than Religion?

And no, there is no excuse for Hate. Only intolerant of Intolerance, right? I don’t know; You decide! Maybe someone out there has some gem of wisdom that my Yiddishe tuchas has missed.