Anthony Scopatz

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Even to a fetus

One of my friends shared this item sometime in the past week about the full-body scanners and backscatter x-ray machines at airports harming pregnant women.

I am all for women, and mostly for pregnancy.  But I am also for, you know, quantitative science and the lowly photon.  Here are some fun facts that we should all know.

The radiation dose you receive from full body scanners (0.005 - 0.01 mrem) is about ten thousand times less than want you experience on an annual basis just by living on Earth (360 mrem). Moreover it is 100 times less than your yearly dental x-rays (1 - 20 mrem). In fact, you will be subjected to a much higher radiation exposure on the plane flight itself than you receive by going through the scanner.

The real issue with these heinous machines is privacy, not safety (even to a fetus).