Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Divine Comedy: Book 2

Enigma girls are still tricky, but not wholly in the way I thought. I guess I didn’t realize true emotional/mental/spiritual effort that goes into them.

I had approached them originally like a coin. You don’t a priori know how they are going to respond, so you may a well flip and be done with it.

However, this only really representative of the situation on the ground before the toss. It turns out Enigma girls are more like event/probability trees, like a sport’s division playoff roster. There are a bunch of options, contingencies and paths.

Furthermore, there are a million pathways to “No”. A relatively few number that are successful. And still a small number that manage to maintain (more or less) the status quo.

Even playing a perfect game does not guarantee a “Yes”. Other players could have closed these paths down long ago.

So what then are these Enigma girls? They are coins whose one face is a flat negative and whose positive side is a tree. But the forest is dark and finding the right set of branches could leave you hanging for a couple of years, waiting for new growth.

Am I content to hang? Yes, though I might braciate elsewhere. Like to Texas. Am I sad? No, even though the it was understood that this contingency was the most likely, it is still disappointing hear it. However, I am a bit proud that I made it this far. Lesser men and women have fallen ^_^.

You enigma girls are truly my betters. Friends until the end.