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Did You Know: The Difference between Inquiry and Accusation?

/begin Rant

I was rudely awoken this morning to the sound of jack hammers after a mere 4 hours of sleep. But this time it was NOT from my pool area which is being removed and worked on. It was the from the guy’s unit who *happens* to be the HOA Treasurer who lives one down and over from me. Let’s call him Dan, for various reasons (none of which being his actual name).

Background: Our HOA needs a good bit of work since the prior property manager company was screwing up. The pool needs to come out, the fences and railings need to be replaced or painted, and a bunch of stuff was damaged in the hail storm. Dan boldly stepped forward in order to get this stuff done. To cover these extra expenses Dan has assessed an additional one-time payment of $1400 to cover these expenses.

This past weekend the pool was being jack hammered away and is still not done. Thus when I was awoke to these sounds I thought that our little treasurer had some double dipping going on.

I went down to investigate. I asked the worker at Dan’s place when the work was going to be done and he said three days. It should be noted that the worker appeared to be the same who was working on the pool this past weekend. Same height, same skin tone, eye & hair color, and both had mustaches.

So I sent out this message of inquiry:
Dear *Dan* and other PSC owners,

A couple of points have been brought to my attention:

1) The same man (didn’t catch his name but is short, Chicano, and has a mustache) is doing both the work on the complex as a whole and on Brian’s personal unit (#13).
2) This man was jack-hammering inside of *Dan*’s property.
3) A door knob key holder of the type real estate agents use to place on properties is on your unit.

This brings up a number of questions I would like you to field, please.
How many more days will work internal to your property be performed, and
at what times? Furthermore, I am requesting a financial disclosure of
PSC to ensure that no finances are accidentally mixed between our
communal projects and your personal ones. Moreover, are you planning on
selling soon? Also could you please explain the decision to remove the
pool weeks before the meeting when it was stated and implied in previous
emails that discussion of the pool area and region would be held at the
June 7th meeting? In general, the timeline given in the notification of
assessment does not seem to be held to as you are already working, could
you could also address this please?

Thank you for taking to time to respond to these questions. I am sure
it will dissuade any fears I and others may have. You can rest assured
that I will be at the June 7th meeting.

Be Well

PS I never received my in mail notification of assessment.

A couple of hours later, Dan calls me up and he is FUCKING PISSED. Mostly because I sent this out to all of the other owners and I don’t value him, and I am being defamatory and accusatory, and I don’t have my facts straight, etc.

As it turns out most of my fears were mislaid, which is why I wrote the email in the first place. The worker who was working on the pool seems to have a soul patch in addition to the mustache. This was hard to tell since he had a gas mask on all weekend.

Dan, meanwhile is schizophrenic in his demands. He wants to be gentlemanly and civil about this, but would then tell me that I “disgust” him and that I “should just cut him a damn check.”

As a property manager/treasurer this guy blows! I remained calm throughout the discussion and insisted that it was just an inquiry and not an allegation, even though he kept demanding that I was defaming him.

The real kicker is HE DIDN’T EVEN READ MY EMAIL! The guy who he hired to be his property manager, call him Bob, called him and told him what I had written.

I’ll admit, it may have been wrong to send the email out to all of the owner’s initially (but this is still sort of iffy since it relates to their investments). However, I don’t think asking for financial disclosure and addressing concerns is wrong.

After I got the full story I wrote a full apology and explanation to all of the owners again allaying my concerns and fears.

Basically I don’t think what I did or wrote or said was racist, or lazy, or insulting in any way. I understand how someone attacking me would construe it as such.

So my question for YOU is do you think what I wrote was an inquiry or an accusation, in both the legal and intra-personal senses?

/end Rant