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I think, therefore I amino acid.

Did you know that: We are the dead?

The time has come. This is a Action News 8 Breaking Coverage: Javilina report!

First up, at one point yesterday I hit an unprecedented 162 stalks per week! For those of you who do not use the site, this is simply how many people have viewed your profile in the aforementioned time allotment.

Secondly, yesterday there were some simply amazing IM exchanges that I just *have* to publish here. This thread is locked because of this. I mean we can all have a good laugh at these people, but really should the general public? It is not like we are Anonymous, though some of us may be traps.

Conversation 1: *No Subject*
=====ATGO wrote=====
Every time I see your picture I think you’re someone else. Stop tricking me!! :P

=====javilina wrote=====
LoL! That is totally funny. Who do you think I am?!
=====ATGO wrote=====
Haha, I donno, just someone different. You tricky person you.
=====javilina wrote=====
Sweet! maybe I am ghost from your past. I mean, as long as I am being tricky ;)

Conversation 2:Question…**
=====OS wrote=====
Yup, I’ve been stalking your profile, and decided that I have a question for you now that I worked up the nerve to send you a message. Your pet guinea pigs…would they happen to be named after characters from Dune? Just curious. :)

=====javilina wrote=====

Lol, They totally are! I love those books. You are the first person to notice it tho. At least the first one on OK Cupid that is.

But yeah, I totally love Dune. I like to think that I am named after Lady Jessica even though I know I am not. (great aunt, whatevs!) But since my guinea pigs are like my kids right now I named them like they were. Paul came first of course.

=====OS wrote=====

Heh, awesome! I figured they had to be. Not many people would really come up with the name Duncan just out of the blue. :) So I take it your name must be Jessica? I love Dune as well, although I have to admit that I only made it halfway through Children of Dune. One of these days I’m going to have to start that series over again, and finish it this time. I’ve also got both of the Sci Fi Channel miniseries on Dune and Children of Dune. I like them much better than the older David Lynch movie.

=====javilina wrote=====

Heya, yeah Dune is pretty amazing.  I really like Children tho!  You should totally pick it back up.  I dunno, I like both the movie so…

=====OS wrote=====

Yeah, what I read of Children was pretty good. I do need to start it again. BTW, I heard they’re going to make a new Dune movie. Not sure what to think of that news yet…I’m not sure the story can really be told properly in a 2 or 3 hour movie.