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I think, therefore I amino acid.

Did You Know That: For Science?

So I hate to talk about the results for Mark (remember him ^_-) so soon after actually creating the account, but the preliminary results are stellar!

So first off I have been receiving an amazing number of stalks. From Saturday to Wednesday, half a week, Mark is up to 130 stalks/week. Jessica (Javilina) in other news is back up to 196 stalks/week herself.

And then there is this guy, who is such a gem he deserves the rest of the post.

Conversation: RE:Subject: 4 or 5-Star Looks Match

=====flavilin wrote=====

Hey d,

You and flavilin both rated each other 4 or 5 stars on looks. Congrats on the match!

We let you both know as a courtesy. You can turn this off if you’d like, on your settings page.

=====d wrote=====

YES! Hey. Most of my messages like this tell me that I suck because I gave somebody a one just to see the next person- well, cool for you, because I rock. Plus, I guess I think you rock, too, therefore the awesome message that we gave each other high marks- and everybody needs some love-.

Uh, neat… I don’t do Texas, but I’d do you.


=====flavilin wrote=====

Ahahaha you had me laughing so hard with “I don’t do Texas, but I’d do you.” In fact I could say the same thing Iowa. (I had an Uncle get married there. I was not a fan of the wedding.)

I am pretty sure that this proves, sir, beyond a shadow of a doubt that we both rock!

You look pretty cold in some of your pictures.

Cheers, M

=====d wrote=====

A couple of hours ago, I made the drunken decision to make my first iTunes rent, so I rented the movie 2 Days in Paris… I love Adam Goldberg- he’s one of my top three Jews. Did you know that in French the name Simon sounds like our word for semen? Gross, eh?

I do rock, thank you. Oh, and the only cold thing about me is my heart. If that was a funny “Texas is never cold joke”… … …well, at least we don’t live in Canada.