Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Day 2: Four States

I went from Baton Rouge to Jacksonville today. This took me through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and finally Florida.

So much swamp!

The high point of the drive today was when, after a sunny morning, there started a light rain. I had my top down of course. But the rain wasn’t even so bad as to require my whipper blades to be turned on. I saw that there were some storm clouds in the distance. But I hoped I could power through them without pulling over and putting the top up.

As it happens, when I hit the cloud, the light sprinkled instantly turned to sheets. Not only did my windshield become opaque, but also I could no more see through my glasses. And I was wet. And going eighty or so. I do not recommend this to anyone. Exciting!

Other than that, I don’t have much to report except that the people I have met, have in general, been of a ruder spirit, or meaner demeanor, than I have grown accustomed to. Florida is the nicest, but they are still shocked and disoriented when I ask how their day is. Lord save me when I go back to the Bay Area. Perhaps North Carolina will temper me somewhat!