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Credit Where Credit’s Due

Alright, I restrained myself for a while. I didn’t post in haste and nor inebriated.

God Fucking Damnit, California (and Florida). Like what the fuck is the point? Really?

Who seriously cares if the farshtunkeneh Democrats secured control over the federal legislative and executive branches if they can’t be godamned bothered to uphold MY civil liberties? Just because I may never choose to exercise that right does not give the government or anyone else to authority to legislate my body, or anyone’s fucking body.

YES: I may have and still do disagree with what I observed as the “Us or Them” mentality that developed on the ‘No on 8’ side. But that just means I thought the tactic was wrong and not the end result of their goals. We rise and fall together as one state, or nation.

AND YES: My prediction that either way the damn thing went, someone would sue someone in the courts and it will ultimately be settled there seems to be playing out.

But no, this doesn’t make anything any better for me. The reason that everyone in my fucking corner of the world seems so goddamn happy today is because we elected a schmuck who not only disagrees with me, but does so for the worst of all possible reasons. In case you didn’t know,Obama doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage on religious grounds.

We have just elected ANOTHER president who doesn’t believe in the separation of Church and State. And what do we get out of it? Maybe universal health coverage and maybe a better economy and maybe out of two wars in a couple of year? I would gladly use all of these coins to pay for my liberties. Freedom at any cost! Get the goddamn government out of our goddamn pants.

Here are the arguments which I find totally LAME that have been used to explain the situation to me, which I completely disagree with:

1) For Play-Play:Obama doesn’t mean it and is just said that to get elected. This holds no water, if I am to believe that all the candidates are always lying to me, then I really would have had to vote for Sarah Palin. Sure you can ‘Hope’ that he will ‘Change’ his mind and renege and actually utilize the once-in-a-generation opportunity to push through Federal legislation that would end this debate…but you my friend, are living in a shanty town dreaming the union will move you to a mansion.

2) Civil Unions:Homosexuals are “just going about it wrong” by demanding equality rather than asking nicely for “separate but equal” status. People who seriously believe that Civil Unions are a valid solution are just wrong. If you apply a different label, eventually legislation will be passed that targets either marriage or civil unions, therefore making them just separate and no longer equal. Even if you stipulate that they must under law be treated equally we would just end up with the marriage equivalent of a poll tax. Maybe something with regards to how private insurance companies define “family”.

2a) No Marriage, Just Civil Unions:Rightly so, civil marriage in this country is more like civil unions in other countries. So we should make marriage a purely religious thing, and everyone civilly get married. I would actually be fine with this EXCEPT THAT THIS IS NOT WHAT THE PEOPLE AGAINST GAY MARRIAGES AND FOR CIVIL UNIONS ACTUALLY ARE PROPOSING. This is a purely academic argument and books and journals don’t marry people. You will find zero religious, married people against gay marriage willing to give up their legal status as ‘married’ so that other people can have civil unions (them included, of course).

3) Nope, Never:It’ll simply never, ever happen/I’ll never live to see the day, so maybe I should just stop worrying about it and fighting for it and getting upset. Fuck this shit! Who is the damnable skeptic/cynic now?! This is the analogous opinion of those people sitting in the mid 1950s and thinking “Well, sure I know some OK black folk, but that doesn’t mean they’ll ever be a serious political constituency,” or “Sure I have some Jewish friends, but that doesn’t mean I feel there is anything wrong with landlords not allowing them to live in my neighborhood, or come to my country club.” Unjust laws require civil disobedience, not goddamn fucking complacency.

So where does this leave me. I am AS upset if not more so as I was after the 2004 presidential election. Possibly more because I didn’t expect this one. So I am back where I started. I can either fuck it all and go get a law degree and start a practice and be a real Mensch, or I can become a member of the Universal Life Church and just start performing same sex marriages, or I can wait and see how it plays out in court.

tl;dr This isn’t change I can believe in. We got given a bum steer again from what it looks like. And this was the toned down version.