Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Crazy Day

So like today was amazing! I got not one, but two roommates…which means slightly more for rent.

Their names are Josh and Eliot. They are the Social networking types. Not ness. the people I wanna live with my whole four years here, but they Definitely know other people and I will surely be introduced to new and exciting crowds though them. Very amiable…excessively so even.

In any event, I went to this really cool documentary, once again outside a coffe shop, called “Dildo Diaries”. It was all about the Texas Sodomy and Obscenity Laws. Better than the film (which was amazing by the way) was the number of drop dead gorgeous girls there. I litereally could not keep track of the number of women I could easily spend the rest of my life looking at. There were at least six girls there all with short hair and kinda mousey faces and just beautiful builds. Unfortunately, I think the hottest one was barely underage as she was also the daughter of the owner of the coffe shop. There was a girl therewho sat next to me who whore 1920s man wear (stripped pants, white shirt, vest, tie) which I find to be about the hottest thing a girl can put on. I told her I liked the cut of her jib, and she said thanks and that afterwards she was going to a dressup get togther. I also thought I saw someone who I have been in coorospondence with on OKCupid at the flick.

After that I came home and my new roommates invited me out to 6th street with them. I accepted and made friends with Uli, a German Comp Sci person into AI.

All in all, a good night.