Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Cosplay and the Best Pun Evarrrrrrr

Ok so I met the Austinite group of Cosplayers within 10 min of me going to the Anime Club for the first time. Nigh imeadiately they decided to go to Karaoke; I was down. Unfortunately the place we went was 21 and up and we had some young ones with us. We went to Amy’s Ice Cream instead. To Andrew I am eternally grateful for taking me to AX earlier this year. I had a common ground with these people in more than just Anime but in Fan Culture as well.

So at Animes I made what I consider my crowning achievment in my mastery of the English Language. Here goes:

Ice Cream: It is not good to eat it out of a Koan, because it doesn’t make any sense.

If that doesn’t rock your sox, you need more vocab words. Structurally it is actually two puns both of which are both true and false statments depending on how you interpret the word Koan/cone. Oh so much titilation I am dying. I want this carved on my tombstone.