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Conversation with Kerry

Sleceted portions from a conversation with Kerry:

(16:39:38) AvilinFaithful: Sure, In some freudian twist of events I have developed an attraction for chicks with short hair
(16:39:49) onsede: hehe
(16:39:52) onsede: i’ve noticed that about you
(16:40:09) AvilinFaithful: I think it is possibly a lifestyle and world view indication as much as I am actually attracted to it
(16:40:55) onsede: i used to be kind of intimidated by girls with short hair
(16:41:11) AvilinFaithful: To be perfectly fair Jessie had long hair when we started out….but she was cuter with it short
(16:42:45) AvilinFaithful: See to me it indicates that they might be more willing to look at society critically than others, obviously this is gross generalization, but it is more true than not in my experiance
(16:42:56) AvilinFaithful: I need that in a woman
(16:43:32) onsede: to me it indicates that they don’t need feminine hair to feel pretty
(16:46:27) AvilinFaithful: which is surely implies that they have tried different veiw points than the normally accepted ones
(16:46:39) onsede: pretty much
(16:46:47) onsede: or that they’re just above it all = P
(16:47:12) onsede: now of course, being older and wiser now i know that’s not completely true
(16:48:02) AvilinFaithful: I mean the occational chick with long hair will be smokin’ but…
(16:48:51) AvilinFaithful: That is why I feel kinda wierd with short hair myself, sure it is practical and everything but I am certainly not challenging any norms with it
(16:49:29) AvilinFaithful: On the other hand, I am trying to do that in other ways now
(16:50:14) onsede: i’ve always been for challenging norms in less superficial ways
(16:53:18) AvilinFaithful: Well, but the superficial ways have a benefit. I realize that this applies far less to you than to me at our current points in life. But when you first get to a new place and are meeting new people, what is gonna indicate to people that you are worth talking to before you exchange any words? Your appearance matters a lot in those sorts of situations
(16:54:03) AvilinFaithful: Since I am trying to attract a certain type of person, I have to, in some sense, accomidate my appearance top thier desires
(16:54:31) onsede: ahh
(16:54:36) onsede: see i always love the enigma though
(16:54:46) onsede: the straightlaced looking guy who does experimental music
(16:55:03) onsede: the hippy looking guy who dreams of working on wallstreet..
(16:56:19) AvilinFaithful: well, see I have changed from the second to the first now
(16:56:49) AvilinFaithful: And not really to the first
(16:57:48) AvilinFaithful: My aesthetic mind has grown/altered a lot recently and I want my appearance to reflect that
(16:58:25) AvilinFaithful: There is a certain pleasure in dressing well, too.
(17:00:05) onsede: i’m wearing a button up shirt and slacks right now = P
(17:00:12) onsede: some day i may even master makeup
(17:01:29) AvilinFaithful: I mean we have this perception that people in the twenties dressed well not because they had the money to and thus could show off (some of them certainly didn’t) but because it was important to
(17:02:36) onsede: yeah
(17:02:43) onsede: things have really gone downhill in that regard
(17:04:15) AvilinFaithful: It certainly has. I am trying to dress more according to that philosophy but radical wardrobe changes are expensixve so it is taking me longer than I’d like…I think my next step is socks.