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Compulsively Writing

So I think I am going to grow my beard again. I don’t know. Maybe I am unsettled with my visage in general and the beard is an easy point of contention. Maybe I will become a three pronged rock-lobster. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!

Outside of the latest rash of sexless work, I have been Gundam focused recently. If this starts to turn you off, don’t stop reading, I swear this relates back to the real world and gets interesting.

Ok so the first series I finished within the past month was “G Gundam“. It. was. awful. Now that we have an understanding, there were exactly two points of significant interest.

1) The main plot revolved around an evil machine (lit. called Devil Gundam) and its supporters that was out to destroy humanity in order to give the Earth time to heal. Sort of a post-apocalyptic eco-terrorist Dragon Ball Z. Almost but not quite worth it. However, at the end, one of the main bad guys eventually comes around and understands that humans are also a product of nature, and trying to destroy them as an unnatural blight is oxymoronic.

In light of Earth Day, this is particularly interesting. For a while I have been struggling with the fact that some of the assumptions that the Green movement makes seem to be founded in this “People are Wrong” attitude. The whole idea behind Zero Population Growth is founded in this. Now what they really mean is that poorer people, people with different political ideologies, and people who tend to have darker skin should stop breeding. But Sweet Char Aznable, if Master Asia in some Japanese kids show can understand that humanity is a natural phenomena than they should be able to as well!

If someone wants to make a point about not impacting their environment, then they should become a vegetarian, or stop driving or flying, or just let themselves die if they feel that strongly about it. /sigh

2) The other point where G Gundam gets props is that one of the supporting men isn’t. They do a very good job of covering up the fact that George de Sand (of Neo France) is probably a woman. They did name the character after George Sand, the male pen name of a famous French woman author. The real person took the name to get published; the cartoon character probably took the name to participate in the inane Gundam fight.

Other evidence includes the fact the George de Sand uses a special attack called “Rose Bits” which is very very similar to the funnel attacks used in previous series by exclusively female characters. Moreover, even though the French princess in completely enamoured with George, s/he seems not to care. George expresses multiple times that he is only fighting on her behalf because it is what is expected as the representative knight of his country.

I applaud such gender subversion aimed at 10 year old boys.

The next series I watched was Gundam Wing. If you follow my twitter, you have seen a lot of hilarious stuff on this. However, the theme of this more serious series was whether the use of robots in war was permissible.

We seem to be headed down this road (unmanned drones, etc) so it will likely come up. Naturally, the argument for is that robots will make your war clean and efficient (as long as you trust who is running them). The argument against is that it takes the humanity out of war. More than just the nothing wagered, nothing lost, the characters in the series seemed obsessed with human suffering. Mechatronics cheapening all prospects of real pain.

Either way, the US is arming little robots as we speak. There hasn’t really been a debate about the ethics of this. Much like the name of the game is ICBMs these days, I doubt there will be. But maybe there should be. I think I would rather be shot down by a soldier than an overgrown roomba.

Comments? Thoughts? Pen Names?