Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

California is really starting to piss me off.

In case you didn’t already know, Hans Reiser has been convicted of one count of murder in the first degree.

In case you don’t know who Hans Reiser is, you should go here.

And this is why you should care. California recently has been involved in too many high profile court cases which the state justice system has completely botched. First and foremost of these on my mind is Stanley Tookie Williams. Hans Reiser is another.

The Free and Open Source Software community has long been one of skeptics and conspiracy theorists. Furthermore, it’s more prominent members often suffer from hubris and tend to get in public cat fights with one another. Major and successful code project are like as not to be started because rather than branching an existing code and making it do what YOU need it to (which is what the whole experiment is all about), programmers are just dicks to each other and think that they can do it better all by their lonesome. Hans Reiser was certainly not free from this.

However, in the case of Nina Reiser things simply not add up and it doesn’t take a paranoid schizophrenic (or your standard Open Source Fan-Boy-Girl [Now with Both Genders! Didn’t you get the patch?]) to see that.

Now I am not saying Hans is innocent because I *love* his file system. I am saying that if I were a juror, I would not be able to in good conscience say that he committed premeditated murder beyond all reasonable doubt!

The fact that there is no body, Nina was having an affair with someone who claims to have committed 8 previous murders (which they didn’t allow in court), and that all evidence presented was circumstantial leaves a lot of wiggle room when condemning a fellow human being.

Much of the evidence against him is damning I’ll agree, but then there is this asshole. The jurors themselves don’t even have a good guess as to how the murder that they are sentencing him for took place!

But what really makes me feel for him (innocent or otherwise) is when he said this,

I just keep thinking that I’m stuck in George Orwell’s 1984. The government has taken away my kids, invaded my house, held me in solitary confinement and caused me all sorts of financial problems.”

If you have ever had any sort of run in with the law, even a minor one, and tried to contest it, then you know exactly what this man is going through. (It should be noted here that I feel the most for the kids since the state of California has now taken them away from their parents multiple time in two years).

Now, since the community is as described above, you will hear a lot of crazy stories. None of them are true! (Most likely). Nina probably did not run away from her kids back to Russia, framing her husband. It was not Microsoft that killed Nina to frame Hans. It wasn’t the Russian Mafia. I am sure their are other ones, but don’t believe any of them.

But just to prove that their is no justice in this world and not just in California, I will refer you to this mans case. He abducted his OWN daughter when she was 11 and held her captive in a 100 sq ft room for 24 GAWDDAMNED years and repeatedly raped her, siring 7 of his own children/grand-children, one of whom (of course) died. And he admits it!

And you know what his maximum sentence is? 15 years because it is *only* rape and it is Austria. I am sorry when you you enslave someone, you should be imprisoned for at least as long as you held them sans any other crimes against humanity.

It occurs to me now that California may be having all of these problems because they have an Austrian for governor.