Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


Why do all (read most) of the chicks that are on Penn and Teller’s Bullshit have to be smokin’ hot? It is such a conundrum to see them in their physical glory while being throughly debunked mentally.

So I had written this whole huge post this weekend that was amazing. But I left it o my main machine at home which has no internet. It is a little philosophically entrenched, so ya’ll will have to wait until tomorrow to not read it. I know I loose peoples attention whenever I go off the deep end like this. But I think this one is important. Furthermore I expect most everyone to disagree with me, so if you don’t you should really speak up so we each know that we aren’t the only whack jobs in the world.

I took my car into the shop today to get a tune-up, new back tires, etc. So I am with only my feets to moves mes around again.

I frankly do not know how I got any work done today at all. I listed to the Penn Jillette radio show the *whole* 9-10 hrs at work today. The show is now unfortunately off the air but the backlogs of the podcasts are available online.

There were times when I wanted to just burst out in explosive, infantile laughter but had to hold back since my cube-mate work totally not understand Penn’s whole day of people calling in and giving their own obituaries was a work of comedic genius.

On the plus side of this side, I may, *may* get to go to ApocaLARP. I might even get to NPC with my cousin and his new female attachment.

Also if we thought we had it bad in Austin with the Anthonies floating around everywhere, we were dead wrong. My cousin informs me that my friend Rachel (with whom I have a near avuncular relationship) has dragged Andrew 4 into their friend group. At dinner at Anime Expo (which was this pas weekend) they had Four (4) Andrews in a party of Eleven (11).

A melody is like a pretty girl
Who cares if it’s the dumbest in the world
It’s all about the way that it unfurls
—The Magnetic Fields