Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Bitter, Then Not, Repeat

So this weekend was a pretty little rollercoaster one. I felt really down on friday because I work had basicly eaten my soul the week before. Friday was much better though because I met this group of people calling themselves the Austin Cosplay Defense Force. And low and behold most of them were women! Huzzah!

So life was good and then came Saturday basicly sucked the lifeout of me. I played HackMaster in the mornign and tried to convince the post office not to send back my package to Houston for the second time to no avail. Then I went and hung out with Seekatz and Robin and Patrick and had an OK time but was still very stressed and tired and lost what could have been my first win at scrabble. The only truly good thing to happen was that we went to Dragon’s Landing and I *was* going to blow the 50 bucks on the “Game of Thrones” RPG. However, they where closed and I kept my money in my moment of weakness.

Sunday was another story. Sunday, October 29th, was Syd’s Birthday. It is funny how some dates stick with you. Instead of this being an all-to-gether negative day, though I had originally planned it as such, I choose over the High Holy Days to pursue an as of then unthought of positive path and at that time pursued it. I was still left with a feeling of axiety. However, there was a Record (LP. Vinal, etc.) Convention on Sunday and I went. I spent the money I didn’t spend on a silly RPG book on buying records. Mostly I bought a lot of Zappa and Zappa related material, but I spent a fair amount collecting things that I missed from Syd’s modest collection. Also on Sunday, as some of you may have noticed, I put my website back on the intar-web-net. This involved putting it on my new old machine. I also in this process threw out the old iMac that Syd’s parents gave me that I was running my site on formerly. I also went to Ross and bought some black socks in the stead my white gym ones. Sunday was very much a day when I replaced things in my life Syd related and thereby replaced her and all-in-all was a positive experiance.

But Then! Today I woke up and wanted to die and then went and worked for 12 hours.

Tomorrow is a new day.