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Awesome as always

So I went and saw the Red Elvises again tonight. Awesome as always. Their Synth player rocks hardcore as well.

The collection of women there would have delighted a Turk. There was a woman there who had a face quite similar to Jessie’s. Even weirder was that she wore her hair in a style that Jessie also had. I guess it goes with the face.

There was short girl who was cute in that average-but-short-so-still-cute-and-probably-hates-being-short-because-of-it-kinda way. There also was a girl there who kinda looked like Maria Thayer from Stangers with Candy.

And lest you think I was think I was *only* noticing women, there was a guy who looked a lot like Jon. Also the bartender sort of looked like Andrew 2. The cut of his jib was very prohibition era and consequently he could call the woman with Jessie’s face “sweetheart” and other such affectionate and distancing addresses. I approved as I typically do.

I think I am more introverted than peeps give me credit for.

You’re a Scientist for God’s Sake!