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Almost Sex, Almost Normal

Hey Cowboy, This post ain’t for the weak of heart!

I had the most incredible weekend!


So it started off of Friday night with me sending out my PhD Proposal. This, of course, left me a stringless, dessicated husk of a man. Therefore I proceeded to go to a show at the Vortex called Mr. Z Loves Company. I went with my friend Jayme. It was amazing. I guess the show was about Mr. Z’s repressed homosexuality.

As the Austin Chronicle points out, it wasn’t necessarily amazing because of the shock factor, but because it was so well done. To set the mood, with a vat of Crisco, Mr. Z sticks a 12 foot long dildo up himself. And other, than the maid orgy opening song and dance, Mr. Z’s anal antics were by far the most tame of the show.

I loved it! I mean, how often can you pay to see that sort of thing. And so cheap! I continue to be impressed by the Vortex.

But then, the next day, Saturday, came Eeyore’s Birthday. This is a big hippie bash where people come all dressed up with their freak kids. Fucking Incredible. The picture above is of the drum circle that I jumped in and out of many times. Dancing = Hardcore.

How the hell I missed this the previous two years I have no idea! It takes place in the park right down the street from me. With thousands of people! I only knew about it this year because of Jayme told me the night before after Mr. Z’s (See how this all ties in?) Next year, everyone? Seriously, I took a picture with Twinky Freidman!


And my sweet lord, the women! You know how I get excitable when I find one girl who outwardly breaks enough norms for me to be interested in them. This was like swimming through a sea of them! Is this what it is like to be straight-laced? That almost makes me want to be normal. Almost. For comedic effect.

We may secede tomorrow; get to Texas while you can!