Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

All that glitters….

(12:34:04 AM) captaingrydk: I wasn’t in my sexual prime for most of those XX years.

(12:34:14 AM) Avilin Faithful: Are you now?

(12:34:19 AM) captaingrydk: Am I?

(12:34:22 AM) captaingrydk: Hell if I know.

(12:34:29 AM) captaingrydk: More so than when I was, oh, nine.

(12:35:19 AM) Avilin Faithful: I think you have just successfully managed to get in a “whose penis is larger” contest with your nine year old self….and won.

(12:35:31 AM) Avilin Faithful: That is fucking incredible

(12:35:59 AM) Avilin Faithful: “Come on lil’ Patrick, it’d be masturbation, I swear!”

(12:36:19 AM) captaingrydk: ahahahaha

(12:36:28 AM) captaingrydk: I hate you for pointing that out.