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Air Apparent

So I just got back yesterday from a four day long excursion into the High Sierra back country with my brothers. Many stories to tell and to write about. However yesterday when I got back I was so depressed and confused after trying to read two weeks worth of LJ posts on my friends page that I figured it wasn’t worth trying.

Basically the trip went very well. Shane had never been backpacking before and Julian had only been on one other short trip. They were troopers though for the full 38 miles of it (18-19 in one day hike that was completed in 9 hours). For the occasion I bought Shane a backpack and Julian a Tent. We were surrounded by Kelty gear to be sure.

Of course no trip goes off without roles. I was quick in assigning (and picking mine first) peoples jobs. Shane was in charge of drinking resources and iodine. Thus the nickname “Water Boy” was dolloped on him with a fair share of Adam Sandler references. Julian was in charge of time keeping and borrowed my pocket watch for the trip and was therefore titled “CronoMaster” and was called by such whensoever his services were requires.

The really sad thing about this trip was the Air quality. It was hazy every direction but east. Some was caused by smoke. Most was just pollution from the San Joaquin Valley.

Getting back to the Santa Ynez Valley, the Zaca fire continues to blaze. The sky was rust ‘til two past noon today. 125k acres and $73 mil to fight. And when you fight, you fight alone.

What is happening to my planet?!

My feelings are best expressed as:

I want to have sex; It’s time to fly home.
—The Red Elvises