Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

A kabal of, well, kabalists

Ok so I disappered for a few days and I realized that my previous post indicated none of where or why I went.

Ok so I was really flustered and after the bullshit of last week so I went to visit my cousin Andrew and the whole (or what is left) crowd from the Valley. Here was the beautiful thing about this weekend I only made two decitions the whole time, when I was to arrive and when I was to leave. On this trip I really only didn’t see Racheal (and Other Andrew of course). I didn’t see Kai for as long as I’d like since he was working. I did get to where this bitchin’ Cowboy hat of Mowi’s though. Mowi and Kai now have these three adorable kittens. I love these people. They are really my friends. I know that they have polotiks within themselves and I am thankfully not a part of that. However I feel that even if I was a less transitory member of their friend group I would still manage to stay mostly out of it. The clear comparriosn I am making here is Morgan Hill. While I may date someone, I will be the first and then not terribly embroiled after all is said and done. I still manage to be a part of them though. I feel I am a trusted friend of all of them. Andrew and I tend to satisfy the same social niche even though we have very different life styles. The proximity of our birthdays (no accident by the way) only enhances the mood that I am some sort of twin who was seperated. I got to see Josh for a good bit which is good. He made the hard choice of taking off school to help his family while his mom recovers from cancer. I am so proud/envious. I wish I could have made a similar choice. Of coruse, my families problems were a bit more insidous in terms of timelines of information. I also saw Eric. He is a great person too. So at one point it was Eric, Andrew, Josh and I hanging out and I realized that, on some level, we were all Jewish. Thus the kabalists.

I met Andrew 3 or Other Other Andrew. Seems like an ok guy. He is going to Cal Poly in Physics. That kinda took me by suprise. Up to then he seemed like the sterotypical Valley nerd-dork (whole different breed than NorCal trust me guys…I’ve lived both lives). Andrew was noticibly bitter…as well he should be, but then why invite them to the movie if it would just upset you. Once again, I feel trapped into having to let my less experianced friends make their own dumb relationship mistakes.

Meanwhile, I realized that, escpecially if I move to TexAss, no one else I ever meet will meet as my childhood friends.

And Next weekend I do it all again! Isn’t life quaint.