Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

A funny thing happened on the way to Hillsbrad….

Last night was full of lulz on WoW when I played with my brother.

So we were doing these quests (Elixir of Pain, Suffering, Weltangschadenfreude (German pun call out for Trevs, Wat! Wat!)). Anyways, we were on this one were you have to go feed this dog some poison in Hillsbrad fields.

At this point my brother is a 22 Hunter and I am a 23 Warlock. But this dork of a PvP-flagged 31 Night Elf Druid or something comes up and starts following us and making rude gestures and laughing at us. We weren’t biting…

But then she goes and stands right in the stupid dog as I click to start poison it. And of course I accidentally attack and PvP flag myself. My brother, who I was telling to run, wisely stood his ground and kept attacking.

What this jerk didn’t count on was that we both had pets, I would spam every DoT spell I had, *AND* that my brother’s concussive shot would stun her for a few second while we wailed on her.

I died when she was at like 10% health and then my bro finished her off! So amazing! Our two broken classes beat a PC 8-9 levels higher than us! And of course, I just soul stoned right back up and we were ready to go!

In my years of playing WoW, I have never heard of something quite that weird happening. But the story gets stranger still…

A little later we were in Silverpine Forest leveling up my brother’s skinning. Someone challenged him to a duel which he fought and lost since he didn’t have his pet out. But we went down along the road and he wanted to challenge me to see what it would be like when he was ready for it….

….When a level 70 Night Elf Hunter on an epic mount comes riding up to watch. Then as the duel starts, he runs up in front of me and causes my brother to ‘accidentally’ attack him. Then the Hunter pulls out a rifle and BAM! one shot in the face kills my brother. (We didn’t even get a chance to hit each other).

The hunter then camps my brother’s corpse and waits for him to rez so that he can kill him again. I wait around and tell my brother not to rez until we are sure the punk is gone. This guy even leaves and then doubles back hoping that he rez’d. After that didn’t work he finally left.

In retrospect, my brother and I figure it was the same player that was soooooo pissed that we got his alt, that he hunted us down with bigger guns. Unfair, but lulzy.

So today, I went and grinded mageweave in Nethergaurde Keep. Did you know you can do that without getting PvP flagged? I was in their base, killing their mans, and there was nothing they could do about it! It was awesome. Take that Alliance Scum!