Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

A bit more about my trip to the land of AElfes and Faeries.

What is Helen Keller’s Favorite color?

Alright, I know Helen Keller jokes…

I was going to write about how awful getting to California was, but that seemed LAME so I stopped.

Instead I will tell you all about my movements starting with my New Car!

Basically it is a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder (he is our hero) Two (2) door Convertible. I got it with a mere 70,000 miles. I bought it for $5,000 which is about $2,500-3,000 under blue book. The main reason it was such a deal was that the gentleman I purchased it from was moving back to France in Ten (10) days.

It has a four liter engine with a nice sound system. It can cruise at 80 or 90 mph without batting a metaphorical eye. It can theoretically seat 4 people. Two of them should be small or sort or non-existent.

I am very glad I poured the money I would have spent fixing my old Mercury Tracer into getting this puppy. Humorously, the insurance on this $200 cheaper every 6 months than my last car. I think this is because of the Two (2) airbags.

I am also happy that I kept it within the less than 10 yro margin.

Even after driving it all the way out here to Idaho Falls (port to IF?) I am still getting used to driving it.

1) Unlike my other cars and some of the other ones I was looking at, you can feel every bump, curve, and uneven patch in the road. While this is aMAZing on the one hand, it is very different from the type of vehicle that barrels over everything in sight.

2) 70 seems dreadfully slow. I daresay it is difficult to drive in residential areas.

I’ll suffice it to say that the after the drive out here I know Nightwish a lot better.

Enough about my car.

I woke up pregnant today.

It was an illusion but a good one at that.

My stomach was distended again to all get out.

I really hate this bullshit (which on another level I purchased the first season of yesterday).

I have called my doctor and talked to a nurse but am awaiting the head dudes response. The concoction I am currently on clears up to constipation pretty well. I am still bloated. Quite so.

It is an interesting thing though. I have been having these problems for at least two years. However for the first year I didn’t recognize it as a problem. This is because I was fat. Thus I thought that I was just having slightly fatter days. Having lost some weight I am now able to notice when I bulge out 2-5 times my normal size. Thus by being healthier I found more problems.

This makes me wonder what other ailments I have that I am simply to sick to notice. This is likely true for many problems.

I think cancer is a perfect example of this. Historically, cancer wasn’t a primary disease since people did not live long enough. However, as the life expectancy grew, so did the cancer rate. The analogy is perfect for my dummy tummy.

What does a Jewish American Princess make for dinner?