Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


I don’t really know what to post about this evening other than that I feel I should write something. My research has been all consuming as of late. I got to take a couple of breaks to play some HM this weekend, but that really wasn’t enough.

It occurred to me today that their exists a tendency for more modern table top RPGs to become more like their computer game counterparts.

I admitted to myself the other day that I may want kids at some point if only that I would be lonely otherwise. I still don’t see it happening, nor do I necessarily want them. Right now I should be more concerned about going through the motions of baby making than the accidental products of pleasure. In truth though, my libido has dropped off due to the stresses at work. I am sure it will come back as it does when I get more time. Still, it is disconcerting.

Also, having gone through my “Personality Type” extended epiphany, I now feel somewhat alienated from random contact with strangers because I am constantly trying to determine their temperament without faithful Keirsy in my hands. People can tell too.

I just wrote some stuff and then deleted it, because I didn’t like it. $5 to the first person who correctly guesses and posts what it was.

Oh also I have found a new roommate and she is working out much better than the last all of them ever. This is good for it means I may have a life. Huzzah.